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Voting Art

Around a month before the 2020 presidential elections, my friend Matthew Pullen and I started an instagram account: @VotingArt.

VotingArt gathers Free-to-use, non-partisan art intended to help spread the vote.
Matt being from South Africa and I from France, we cannot vote in this election. But we can help spread the message and encourage it. Working with a range of artists and styles, the idea was to create a series of type driven artworks that display the word "VOTE". The artworks' sole intention would be to encourage people to vote. These are freely available for re-use/sharing on social media so that the message gets out and hits various audiences who might connect with a certain style. Art has a history of being a driver for action and the hope is to get more young people who come into contact with these artworks to pay attention and to vote.

Featured on ABC10

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