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For too long, the pressure to win has made athletes resent the sports they love. In this Michelob Ultra campaign, we cropped in on real images of Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Anthony Davis, Nneka Ogwumike, Brooke Koepka and Peyton Manning to reframe what a trophy truly is. Because it’s not the piece of metal in their hands. It’s the smiles on their faces. It’s the joy throughout their journeys. 

POST 5_4x5AnthonyDavis_MU (1).jpg
POST 3_4x5AlexMorgan_MU (1).jpg
POST 2_4x5BrooksKoepka_MU (1).jpg
POST 6_4x5PeytonManning.jpg
POST 4_4x5NnekaOgwumike_MU (1).jpg
POST 1_ 4x5SerenaWilliams_MU (1).jpg
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